The Titan Utility Truck was designed featuring a cab over utility bed frame and additional seating for commercial, industrial, and defense use. It’s the first and only U.S. made Utility Truck that can float on water.

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All Terrain Sport:

-Single, Double, or Quad seat Frame
-Semi to full water conversion
-85 MPH capabilities
-4-wheel Steer
-Heat and Air Conditioning​


-Cab over mid engine
-6.5 foot long 4 foot wide utility bed
-Boom attachment with stability jacks
-Winch capabilities from all 4 sides for recovery
-Driver or passenger drive capabilities
-Removable sub-frame for easy access to motor and drive-train for maintenance
-Seating for 6 adults
-Matching trailer for additional hauling

Commercial application Diesel powered non-rear steer starts at $90,000.
Recreational application LS 6.0 550HP 4 wheel steer starts at $125,000.

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