Xtreme 4x4 Event

TWIN STICK OFFROAD  is hosting a 4x4 Epic event to help get us outside and more importantly get us wheeling! 

Twin Stick Offroad will cover all travel costs during the event, as well as food and entertainment.  


(June 7th -14th)

June 7th - Check in at TwinStick HQ in MN

June 8th - 14th Wheeling

Sponsors as well as full national media coverage will be onsite during the whole event.

Vendors and Sponsors contact TwinStick directly (763)  496-5200.  

*Disclaimer, If chosen be prepared to meet at TwinStick Offroad HQ on Sunday June 7th 2020 by 7:00PM.

*This event is NOT open to the public.  Invite ONLY.

*Each entry will be allowed 1 guest/co-driver/partner.

*Women drivers and entries are encouraged.

*Drawing of entries will take place Live Thursday April 23rd 2020 on 7:00PM CT on Youtube Live.

*Lodging will be provided 3 of the days of this event.  Please be prepared to bring a camper or tent during other days of this event.

*Food catering will be provided everyday. No charge.  Each day will include entertainment and prize raffles from our sponsors.

*All Rigs will be trailered to and from Off-Road parks and recreational areas.  Each entry must have their own trailer.  No Off-Roading will be done outside of the parks or on public roadways.

*Each entry will be responsible for their own travel costs from their home to Twin Stick HQ and back home.  Twin Stick will cover local travel costs to and from event locations.

*Please direct all questions and inquiries to

Here's the participants and their home states:

Colin Downs - Colorado
Michael Napp - Colorado
Ryan Chrisenberry - Texas
Stacy Groth - Kansas
Kalif Redden - Colorado
Alexis Stringer - Minnesota
Cameron Harris - Utah
David D Paris - Georgia
Ed Hogan - Nevada
Christopher Bowman - Idaho
Dean Benner - Pennsylvania
Eddie Butcher - West Virginia
Joe Semanchik - New Jersey
Randy Patterson-  Nevada
Jason Rines - Washington
Michael Brassanini - Colorado
Marty Emerson - Maine
Wayne Judkins - Iowa
Justin Stuever - Texas
Matthew Cutler - North Carolina
Dave Hollywood - California
Chalie Melchner - New York

View some of the entries:

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